How an Accounting Certificate Can Improve Your Career

You don’t need to be certified to work as an accountant or auditor, but many choose this route because of the career benefits. In the accounting world, the CPA exam is what you need to pass to be certified, but in order to even qualify to take this exam, you need to earn a master’s degree or work in the field, depending on your state’s requirements. That’s not to mention just how difficult it is to pass this exam, which is given in multiple parts over the course of several weeks. So is it worth the extra time? Let’s take a look at how becoming a CPA can help your accounting career.

More Job Opportunities

With certification in the accounting field, you’ll be opening more job opportunities, which can help you find work after graduating. Some employers won’t even consider hiring accountants who are certified. The job market is tough right now; in order to compete, you might need to pursue certification. This is especially true in smaller job markets, like more rural areas. As a CPA you have more control over where you live, whereas if you’re an accountant without certification, you might need to compromise on location to find a job.

Better Salaries

Not only will you have more job opportunities as a CPA, but you’ll also receive a higher salary in most cases. Employers are typically willing to pay more for certified employers because it is a way to prove your skills and knowledge in the field. Depending on your state, you may also be able to perform more tasks as an accountant by being certified, which also makes you more valuable to employers. So, if you want to earn a higher salary from the start, study and take the CPA exam.

Learning More about Your Field

Lastly, becoming a CPA allows you to expand your knowledge in the field of accountant. In order to pass, you’ll need to be well-versed in several areas of accounting, even areas you may not have studied in college. This will make you better at your job, but more importantly, it gives you the chance to further explore areas of interest in the accounting industry. You might find a new career field within accounting that you love and want to pursue.

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